Vihreä väylä, Konginkangas, Sumiainen, Laukaa
Sumiainen Suomessa

Sumiainen - a picturesque village in Central Finland

Sumiainen is a small village and a previously independent rural municipality in Central Finland. Nowadays it is part of the Äänekoski town.There are about 1200 inhabitants in the area. In summer the population doubles as the holiday residents arrive to this summer paradise.

Sumiainen is beautifully situated between two lakes - Lake Sumiainen (Sumiaisjärvi) and Lake Keitele, the winner of the region lake contest in Central Finland. The village is situated along the scenic route the Green Route. The Green Route is also part of a national cycling route.


Sumiainen Village Festival and SHAKE Music Festival Sat 14 July, 2018

The cosy village festival of Sumiainen follows the motto "Small is beautiful". During the day there are things to do and to see. In 2018, the traditional village market turns into a birthday celebration of the village - Sumiainen will be 150 years old.


In the evening the centre of the village is taken over by the music festival SHAKE. If the weather is beautiful people have hammocks and picnics, and those who own a boat park on the lake. The festival is specialized in the guitar music of the fifties. The festival is organized by the local Lions Club and the revenue is used for the good of the village. This year it will be the sports field.  


During the Sunday 15 July the village centre is taken over by a new event, Mystiikkamessut. The theme of the day is the wellbeing of mind and body.  


On top of all this, the whole weekend of the "Poverty Village", Köyhyydenkylä, is reserved for traditions, old machinery etc.  


Traditional village spirit in Sumiainen  Church of Sumiainen

Sumiainen has managed to hang on to the traditional village spirit. The villagers have time to chat and strangers are greeted openly.

The main street, Sumiaisraitti, winds and twists its way through the village almost as it has always done. No wonder, then, that the street is a designated conservation area, as is the ridge which the village straggles out along like a string of beads.

The National Board of Antiquities has designated the village of Sumiainen a nationally important built cultural heritage site but the village is anything but a museum – layers of history culminate in the superb new lakeside plots for sale today.

You’ll find most basic services you might need in the village, including a shop and a coffee bar.

Village info: Vanharouva gift shop. Address Sumiaisraitti 19, 44280 Sumiainen. Tel. +358 (0)40 5480815. Number 9 on the photo map.

Services in the centre of Sumiainen

  • 1 Sumiaisraitti 2
  • Camping Sumiainen, Päivikki Linna, +358 40 8466158,,

  • 2 Sumiaisraitti 4
  • Church and church hall, +358 50 4354751 (the office in Suolahti).

  • 3 Sumiaisraitti 10
  • La Kala Opera House and Fine Business printing house, Marie Finne-Bray, +358 40 6856 477,    

  • 4 Taipaleentie 4
  • Info map, market place, bus stop. 

  • 5 Taipaleentie 6
  • Village shop M-Suhari has been closed. Nearest food stores in Konginkangas and Suolahti. Postal services in K-Supermarket Suosikki in Suolahti, package services by bus in Suolahti, Kisakatu 2, Suolahti. 
  • Hair dresser Studio Harmony +358 40 4193710
  • 6 Sumiaisraitti 16
  • Konnevesi cooperative bank (open once a week), +358 400 518638
  • Hair dresser Hiuskulma, +358 40 7749349
  • Forest Management Assoc. in Central Finland, +358 40 8304383, (0)50 5661762

  • 7 Sumiaisraitti 18
  • ”Medicine cabinet” (mini pharmacy), +358 40 7344651

  • 8 Sumiaisraitti 7
  • Veteraanipirtti – log cabin and sauna owned by the war veterans. Reservations Vanharouva/Raili Lindén, +358 (0)14 586243, (0)40 5480815

  • 9 Sumiaisraitti 19, former municipal hall
  • Sumiaisten Vanharouva, Info, gift shop, taxi +358 (0)14 586243, (0)40 5480815
  • Kahvila Korppu, cafe, lunch restaurant, bar, +358 40 8466158
  • Katri Tuomaala, massage, +358 44 2955578
  • Parturi-Kampaamo Paula, hairdresser, +358 40 7420173Aittatori
  • Äänekosken 4H, +358 40 3563608
  • Fortone Viihde, +358 40 5332247

  • 10 Koulutie 4–6 
  • School, rector +358 20 6323125
  • Library: books, magazines, computers, etc. +358 20 6323298
  • Koulunranta: pier and swimming beach

  • 11 Sumiaisraitti 33
  • Flea market, open Satudays. 

  • 12 Sumiaisraitti 37
  • Sumiaisten Aittatori granary market and shop museum, +358 40 7089640,

  • 13 Sumiaisraitti 45
  • SEO, automatic filling station, +358 (0)14 586029

  • 14 Sumiaisraitti 51
  • Rupunlahti harbour. Waste bins, septic tank, WC, drinking water. Washing place for carpets. Next to the harbour a swimming place.

  • 15 Harjulantie 9
  • Seurantalo Harjula, ”people’s house”. Reservations Vanharouva +358 (0)14 586243, (0)40 5480815

Places to Visit in Sumiainen

Aittatori (the Granary Market) is a tiny summer shop that owes its unique atmosphere to the former granary it’s housed in, and the local ladies selling their produce. Aittatori is open during the summer months and sells locally produced goods and pastries. Villagers, summer residents and tourists alike meet there. Contact: Aittatorin Ahertajat Association, tel. +358 40 7089640 (in summer). Chair person Ulla Åkerlund, tel. +358 400 712404, ulla.akerlund at Number 13 on the photo map.

Next to the Granary Market there is a small, unofficial shop museum,


Kauppamuseo, as the building used to be part of the local village shop. Open in summer on request, please contact Aittatori.


Vanha Rouva gift shop offers you information and souvenirs. The adjoining little cafe Kahvila Korppu is open all year round and serves also home-made lunch. Kahvila Korppu has a liquor license. Number 9.


There are fine naturally sandy beaches in Sumiainen. There is a good

swimming beach in the village centre, right by the school (number 11), and another one next to the boat harbour (number 15) by the Sumiaisraitti street. Both are excellent picnic places. A third one by the Kuokanjoki bridge is unofficially used by the villagers. For those who want to experience a real sauna by the lake, try the camping area, Luontoloma Lepänjuuri EcoHolidays and Veteraanipirtti (number 8 on the map, reservations through Vanha Rouva). Reserve the sauna in advance, please.


Köyhyyden kylä - "The Poverty Village" in Rautionmäki village is a village hall with a smoke sauna and a monument for the ancestors. The place has been built by the villagers and it is a perfect example of local creativity and recycling. Open during events or by order.

Singing Bogeyman hiking trail

The Laulavan mörön luontopolku- Singing Bogeyman hiking and nature trail was constructed by local villagers. It follows a route along the old paths for some 20 kms. You can also do a shorter section of the hike and leave the rest for later - try the Northern parts first, the sceneries are beautiful. Some sections of the trail are also suitable for children. Alongside the trail you’ll find lean-to shelters, viewing points and some beaches.

Hitonhauta - Devil's Grave - in Sumiainen

The trail through the Hitonhauta (Devil’s Grave) protected nature area is something you won’t easily forget. The highlight is an 800-metre long and 20-metre deep gorge. Link to the map.
A few useful tips: where the trails cross, it’s worth going left and climbing up onto the top. And it’s probably not a good idea to use the unofficial fireplace up there either. Better – and easier – to make sure the food and snacks you bring along don’t need heating. And remember to bring some water. Bear in mind, this excursion requires a good level of fitness.

Accommodation in Sumiainen

Camping Sumiainen (also known as Kuokkanniemi camping site) is situated by a natural sand beach. It has small huts, a sauna and some canoes for rent in summer. There is also a tiny kiosk with coffee, ice cream and local gossip - all with a beatiful view.

Luontoloma Lepänjuuri Ecoholidays offers several holiday cottages, rooms for rent in the centre of the village, bicycles for customers, and a nature path. Eco camps in Nuotioniemi: a big teepee for 15-20 persons, a cooking shelter, 2 lean-to's, a lakeside sauna, a smoke sauna, a cellar, and a rowing boat.

Raittitupa, the old meeting hall of the workers union in Sumiainen, has a cottage by the lake for max 7 persons. Tel. +358 400 934171.

Matila’s Cottages are located close to the Matilanvirta Bridge halfway between Konginkangas and Sumiainen villages.